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Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic Pharmacy

Phone: 334.479.0541   Fax: 334.479.0586

         Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Point-of-Care Pharmacy Patient Benefits:

• Convenience

• Greater patient privacy

• Improved medication compliance

• Reduced risk of medication errors


Services and programs provided by DBMC Pharmacy include:

• New and refill prescription services

• Patient and caregiver counseling and education

• Working with insurance companies to maximize prescription drug coverage

• A comprehensive Medication Therapy Management program to enhance patient compliance and successful outcomes

• Individualized adherence solutions to improve patient compliance with the prescribing physician’s instructions

• Consulting with patients, caregivers, and physicians to detect, correct, and/or prevent all types of medication related problems

• Collaborative protocols with DBMC staff to ensure drug therapy is safe, appropriate and effective.


Our pharmacist is available for questions and consultation to all clinic patients.  


Patients and/or caregivers are encouraged to schedule counseling sessions with the pharmacist.


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