About Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic

At Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic (DBMC), we specialize in pediatric behavioral medicine and are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality outpatient mental health services available.

DBMC is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment, which have proven to be effective and safe for childhood psychiatric, communication and learning disorders.

Our fully certified clinicians provide specialized outpatient services for mood or anxiety disorders, ADHD, Learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and more.

DBMC provides services to thousands of patients from Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. Our goal is to provide easy access and quality of care. Our team includes 3 Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, 14 Licensed Counselors, a Nurse Practitioner and 3 Psychiatric Nurses. We offer structured, semi-structured and computerized testing for several behavioral, cognitive and emotional conditions.

We have expanded our services to include Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech and Language assessment and therapy, Auditory Processing Disorder evaluation and treatment, Sound Listening Training, Computerized Working Memory Training for ADHD and Creative/Expressive Arts Therapy.

Locations of services are in walking distance from each other:

Therapy, counseling and structured or semi-structured testing services at:
101 Medical Drive, Dothan AL

Psychiatric/clinical care, research, QEEG and computerized testing services at:
408 Healthwest Drive, Dothan, AL